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This release also introduces QR code scanning of Tor bridges and Tor Connection assistant improvements.

The Debian-based Tails 5.8 privacy-focused Linux distribution has been released and it’s a major update that brings exciting new features and better security for those who want to stay anonymous while browsing the Internet. 

The biggest change in Tails 5.8 is the fact that Wayland is now used as the default display system instead of X.Org Server for an extra layer of security. For Tails specifically, the switch to Wayland reenables the Unsafe Browser, which was disabled a few releases ago due to a security vulnerability in X11.

In addition, Wayland enables additional features for the Unsafe Browser, such as sound support, uploads and downloads, alternative input methods for Chinese and other non-Latin languages, as well as accessibility features like a screen reader or virtual keyboard.


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