Leading security expert Bruce Schneier was in London this week on a whirlwind lecture tour. ZDNet UK caught up with the ex-NSA man, who is now BT's chief security technology officer, at lectures in parliament and at University College London.
Schneier talked to ZDNet UK about his views on behavioural advertising, the efforts of various governments to tackle unlawful file-sharing, cyber-warfare and vendor lock-in.

Q: The UK government is currently trying to pass the Digital Economy Bill, which includes provisions to penalise unlawful file-sharing. Is this technically feasible?

A: The problem with a lot of these measures is that they only affect the average user. Professionals, hackers, clever people can get around them.

No, I don't think this is technically feasible. The ones they don't care about, the average user, are the ones they are going to stop, and the detection mechanisms are sloppy. There are so many examples of the industry getting it wrong.

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