Am I sending sensitive information for hackers to sniff?
Further concern is data security. With traffic taking place between the Netbook and the Internet cloud, hackers can sniff out Internet packages and intercept information between a PC and a Wi-Fi router. Most companies use encryption via VPN software to hinder hacking attempts, but this may not be possible with Chrome OS.

Chrome OS is tethered to the Web

Due to the tight integration between the operating system and the Internet, what happens when one is cut off from the Web? Despite high Net penetration rates worldwide, a traveler to a foreign land may not want to pay for online access, which, in some countries, can be very expensive. A Chrome-based Netbook will still be able to open multimedia files and play videos, but there is no built-in application to open Word or PDF documents. The fact that Google currently has no provisions for installing third-party software is another stumbling block.