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Dave Wreski recognized the power of Open Source two decades ago. Already an established internet security expert and Network Architect at UPS, Dave was captivated by the power of open-source development. He was soon to discover that this model could be used as a vehicle for solving complex digital security needs. He recognized that the open-source model – where resources could be shared by a worldwide community – was the vehicle that would drive internet security into the 21st century.

His passion for open source development – and seeing its potential as a tool to fend off hackers – led to his creation of the first open source internet security company: Guardian Digital in 1999. That same year, Wreski’s desire to give back to the community led to the creation of linuxsecurity.com, where Linux users can find a comprehensive, interactive platform for the latest open source security-related information.  

Since that time, Guardian Digital has narrowed its focus to email security and has become the premier open-source email security solution provider, counting Best Western International, Piedmont Natural Gas and the Chicago Stock Exchange among its marquee customers.