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AMD's fTPM issues are well-known in the industry, often causing system crashes and freezing. Linux's creator Linus Torvalds has expressed his disappointment towards the feature, labeling it a "plague" for the kernel.

For a quick recap, Trusted Platform Module or TPM is a security check which has been made a necessity to be enabled for the latest version of Windows 11. While the intention behind this move is for the consumer's benefit, the feature brought several problems. The main problems that fTPM brought were random stuttering and lagging. Moreover, several users also experienced jittering and disruptions while gaming. While the problem did occur in the Intel platform, most of the issues were on AMD, which still persist today. 

AMD did release various fixes to cater to the problem, and to some extent, they were resolved. However, on the Linux kernel, the situation is different. The TPM issue in Linux is also highlighted at Kernel.org Bugzilla, a famous site for identifying bugs on the kernel.