23.Tablet Connections

In the world of open source, there are few names as synonymous with security than OpenSSH. The latest version of the software—version 9.6—has been released, bringing major improvements to the platform.

First and foremost, this release sees several bug fixes and other changes that will help users better manage their systems. For example, there’s now support for “ssh-keygen -M” which allows admins to generate RSA authentication keys compatible with older SSH versions. This should help reduce the time spent troubleshooting compatibility issues so you can get back to work! 

In addition to these new features, OpenSSH 9.6 also includes several performance improvements that make using the platform faster and more efficient than ever before. These changes include support for secure key exchange algorithms (ECDHE) and optimization for generating session IDs, which may improve performance when making many concurrent connections over an SSH connection.

When it comes down to it, this new release is about ensuring your company can stay ahead of today's security threats by offering an open-source solution that addresses them head-on while also meeting your needs from an operational standpoint. Don't overlook the significance of OpenSSH 9.6! 

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