This is the second of two parts of an interview of Stephen Northcutt by technologist David Greer. Everything that follows is by Messrs Greer and Northcutt with minor edits. DG: It seems like many of the current security issues are problems that we have been dealing with for decades. How do you see the evolution of the problem space of information security?
SN: Twelve years ago, we were standing up for a cyber capability for the United States. All the things we are saying today and the stuff we are doing to our cyber capability I heard 12 years ago. We do make progress; for instance we now have the Cyber Guardian program and have already graduated the first class. The attack surface just continues to get larger and larger and larger. So we're dealing with more lines and more kinds of codes. We are more connected, so there's a lot more vulnerability points because we are increasingly connected and more code is exposed to potential attacks.

The link for this article located at Network World is no longer available.