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Hi fellow Linux users! With 2023 recently behind us, I thought it would be fun to recall the most remarkable events in the Open Source ecosystem that shaped the year. 2023 was quite an eventful year in the realm of open-source security, so now is the perfect time to share the highlights.

Moments That Marked the Open-Source & Linux World in 2023

Linux Security Esm W500Here are the moments and events that stood out to me in 2023 as a Linux user and Open Source enthusiast:

  • After three decades, Linux finally hit a three percent market share. 
  • RedHat restricted access to its Red Hat Enterprise Linux source code.
  • Ubuntu bid farewell to Flatpak support.
  • Flathub reached one billion downloads - and counting!
  • Linux LTS kernels moved to a two-year support period.
  • Prominent Linux distributions and open-source projects announced their plans to transition from Xorg to Wayland in 2024.
  • Raspberry Pi 5 promises to be a game changer in the coming year.
  • Ubuntu debuted the Flutter-based App Store.

Reflecting Together 

Which of these 2023 events was the most notable, in your opinion? Is there another you would add to this list? What predictions do you have for open-source security in 2024? Connect with us on X @lnxsec - we'd love to discuss this with you!

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Stay safe out there, friends!