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Threat actors are evolving to target a wide variety of systems and infrastructure, BlackBerry says in a new report. "In addition, attacks against Linux systems and cloud infrastructure will increase as threat actors look to install backdoors on target systems and gain visibility into organizations for further activities."

A new report from BlackBerry reveals that threat actors are launching an attack about once every minute, with the resurgence of the Emotet botnet, phishing attacks and infostealers dominating the attack landscape.

The Ontario-based intelligent security software and services provider’s first Global Intelligence Report on the fourth quarter of 2022 find that the company’s AI-driven prevention-first technology stopped more than 1.75 million malware-based attacks.

According to BlackBerry, the most common tools used in attacks include the Emotet botnet, the Qakbot phishing threat and an increase in infostealers such as GuLoader.