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Seemingly immune for so long, here's a reminder that MacOS and Linux need to protect themselves against malware, too.

It’s accepted as a given that running Windows software means staying vigilant to protect against malware attacks. Frequent security scans are all part of the Windows experience, so says the ever-so-slightly smug MacOS user who can’t imagine how awful a susceptibility to hacking must be.

There’s a mythologized idea that Apple’s MacBooks are immune to to malware — so, you clever consumers with deeper-than-average pockets needn’t worry about system security.

To state the obvious: that’s not true. If you aren’t going to preventatively protect against malwareware, it’s best not to use your MacBook in ways that essentially invite it in. For example, the $300 that Final Cut Pro costs might make downloading a large pirated file from a torrent appealing, especially with the false confidence of using not-a-Windows-PC.