Linux and Data Security: The Myths, Challenges, and Solutions


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Linux and Data Security: The Myths, Challenges, and Solutions

1.Penguin Landscape

Let’s look at what data security looks like on Linux and the often-exaggerated claims that accompany it.

Linux has come a long way since its humble beginnings as Finnish student Linus Torvalds’ pet project. With over 27.8 million lines of code to its name and its rise as the OS of choice for servers, public cloud, and supercomputers, Linux has earned an unmistakable spot among the top operating systems in the world today. Not only that, but the world’s most popular mobile operating system, Android, also uses a Linux kernel.

In the workplace, Linux has long been developers’ go-to OS in the workplace and has fared better in the technical rather than the business environment. However, with most organizations now requiring an IT department and digitalization efforts pushing them to develop their own tools and applications often to serve their particular needs, many company networks now include computers running on Linux.

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