Rust is eating into our systems. The first Rusted drivers are being welded into Linux, while Microsoft's Azure CTO Mark Russinovich said C/C++ – until now, the systems languages of choice – should be dropped in favor of Rust henceforth. 

This is not universally applauded. No change in ecosystem ever is, and language wars have been a part of the tech landscape ever since there was more than one. This time, it's different: the stakes are far higher. 

C++ first appeared in commercial form in 1985, the year the Nintendo Entertainment System hit the US. A generation of systems programmers have gone from hip young codeslingers to senior management, and they can say truthfully that the fundamental underpinning of IT has been successfully built in the older way. Everything Rust can do, the current C++ can do too; it's even insulting to suggest that programmers  need the extra help.