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How do you feel about AI? AI will have major implications for cyber security and for the workforce in general. Continuous education, transferable skills and a receptivity to learning more ensure that workers will remain adaptive, flexible, and resilient in an increasingly AI-driven future.

For countless businesses across all industries and around the world, AI is dominating mindshare to impossible-to-ignore levels. It’s all entrepreneurs and business leaders can talk about: What does a future with AI look like? What are the gains that AI can make for my company? What are the losses? What’s the human impact – in jobs, in communication, in ways of working and interacting?

And understandably that has caused a lot of concern, even distress, among many people, leaders, and workers alike. Artificial intelligence is an exciting prospect, but less so if you’re worried about whether this new tool is going to suddenly put you out of work.

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