27.Tablet Connections Blocks Lock

CVE-2022-4139 was made public as an i915 kernel graphics driver security issue affecting all Gen12 graphics -- from integrated Tigerlake graphics up through the latest Raptor Lake graphics as well as the in-development Meteor Lake code plus the discrete GPUs of DG2/Alchemist and Arctic Sound.

Intel has disclosed CVE-2022-4139 as an incorrect GPU TLB flushing issue within their Linux kernel graphics driver. In some cases the translation lookaside buffer (TLB) is not flushed at all. At the very least there could be random memory corruption or data leaks while it's not yet been determined if specific memory could be targeted on affected Linux kernel versions up to this point. All versions from Linux 5.4 up through today's latest kernel versions are believed to be impacted when using Intel Gen12 integrated/discrete graphics. This though amounts to an Intel driver issue and not a hardware problem itself.

Linus Torvalds just merged this five lines of code for mitigating the TLB invalidation on Intel Gen12 graphics for the video and compute engines.

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