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The Krasue Rat malware is a new threat to Linux servers that has been discovered by security researchers. The malware installs itself on the server, and then hides in the form of a rootkit, allowing it to hide from security software.

The malware uses a variety of techniques to avoid detection, including hiding its file system activity and moving around its files so they are not easily found by scanning programs. It also uses fake certificates and authentication processes to make sure that it doesn't get detected by anti-virus programs. 

The Krasue Rat malware can be used as both a remote access tool for hackers and as an information stealer for criminals. It also has potential use in targeted attacks against specific organizations or companies, as it could be used to steal sensitive data without being detected.

I found the article linked below very helpful in understanding this threat, and I wanted to share it with you. Be sure to give it a read!