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Linux admins can use Cockpit to view Linux logs, monitor server performance and manage users. Use the tool to help admins manage servers, regardless of experience level.

The Linux command line is a fast and flexible tool for automation and scripting. However, sometimes, there is a benefit to using a GUI like the web-based administrative tool Cockpit instead.

The GUI can be faster or more comfortable for admins who need to quickly look at several pieces of information. In those situations, consider the use of Cockpit.

Cockpit provides a simple, intuitive graphical connection to remote Linux servers. The interface enables admins to manage users and groups, configure firewall settings and display hardware information.

In terms of efficiency, Cockpit is easy to implement across an organization, especially those with less familiarity with the CLI. Cockpit also doesn't interfere with other administration and configuration tools. For example, it's independent of Ansible, which means admins still manage settings across the board with standard configuration utilities.

With its standard security features, getting Cockpit approved for use in your organization shouldn't be difficult. It also supports the expected encryption levels.