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AMD in 2022 continued its open-source/Linux support embrace with offering good launch-day support on both the CPU and GPU sides with their new products, continued ramping up their Linux support on the client side, and has worked more on optimizations and other enhancements to their Linux support.

AMD this year enjoyed good launch-day support for their new Zen 4 processors both with the Ryzen 7000 series and EPYC 9004 "Genoa" server processors, continued making refinements to their Linux laptop SoC support, and capped off the year by having RDNA3 support in place for the Radeon RX 7900 series launch earlier this month. In particular having the RDNA3 support in place going back to Linux 6.0 was pleasant in not requiring Linux Git or the like for launch day support, which had been a requirement for some of the past AMD GPU launches.

This year we've seen AMD publish more open-source code not only for their hardware enablement but various user-space libraries and other tooling. And we've seen more fixes from AMD's growing number of Linux engineers this year in going back and providing fixes/optimizations for older products that previously got overlooked or lacked the necessary resources. Among the many patch series volleyed this year by AMD engineers, standing out has been their continued work on the AMD P-State driver and getting that into shape for improved power/efficiency on Linux with that work hopefully culminating in a few months with getting Guided Autonomous Mode and EPP merged. AMD's early work on the Platform Management Framework merged will also be important for next-generation wares.


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