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Ubuntu 21.10 focuses on stronger security. It also includes smoother app discovery processes. In advance of next year’s bigger update, Ubuntu 23.10 offers a surprising amount of additional refinement.

On October 12th, Canonical announced the release of Ubuntu 23.10.

It’s not exactly “lines around the Apple store” time, but for a very focused group of people, it’s an announcement of similar stature.

Ubuntu 23.10, (available to download here), has been upgraded in terms of enhanced security – and in this iteration, significantly streamlined app discovery.

The need for passphrases has been reduced by a boost in device encryption, which includes preview support for TPM-backed full disk encryption. As well as which, the new upgrades limit unprivileged user namespaces to mitigate vulnerability risks.

Ubuntu 23.10, codenamed “Mantic Minotaur,” will feature a range of fresh benefits for users. For instance, hardware options have been increased, with the addition of support for the Raspberry Pi 5 and SiFive HiFive Pro P550. That will simplify fleet management through streamlined network configuration and enhanced Active Directory integration.

What’s more, a new App Centre will become available on Ubuntu Desktop. That brings together access to snap and deb packages (two common package formats for software on Ubuntu), along with comprehensive metadata. This metadata makes it easier to find and identify reliable and trustworthy software, simplifying the process of discovering and installing software on Ubuntu.

With Ubuntu 24.04 LTS due for release in April 2024, Ubuntu 23.10 lays the groundwork for further enhancements.