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In December last year, Microsoft's exFAT on Linux received some really hefty gains in terms of performance thanks to Sony. Internal tests showed close to 60% gains in some instances. Speaking of file systems, Microsoft has now added support for XFS as root file system type for CBL-Mariner, which is Microsoft's Linux OS for Azure 1P services and edge appliances.

The change was introduced with the latest version 2.0.20230426 for CBL-Mariner where the changelog notes "Adding XFS as a root filesystem type". Over on the pull requests section of the GitHub page, developer AZaugg has provided a summary of the change (via Phoronix)

On that note, other file systems on Linux are also getting performance improvements and optimizations. These include F2FS, Btrfs, and EXT4. Besides these, the Linux implementation of Microsoft's NTFS file system (NTFS3) is also set to receive optimizations.