23.Tablet Connections

Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 9.1 has now hit general availability, adding and refining capabilities for a wide range of enterprise IT needs, from helping to streamline complex infrastructure environments to improving the security stance of containerised applications.

With cloud strategies now predominantly seeking Kubernetes-based application backbones instead of virtual machines, Red Hat says its RHEL 9.1 release continues to deliver an efficient foundation for modern apps and environments. 

Additionally, RHEL 9.1 keeps security front and centre with pre-configured operating system images to meet organisation-specific system security needs. IT teams can specify OpenSCAP security profiles in image builder blueprint files to deliver operating system images that meet IT security and compliance requirements from installation.

RHEL 9.1 also extends multi-level security support for agencies or other sensitive operations, to better document and control classification needs, as well as provide administrators with confidence operating systems are booting with validated and unmodified components.