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Red Hat and Oracle announced jointly Tuesday that they have partnered to bring Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, broadening Oracle’s available public cloud options and creating a measure of détente between two long-standing competitors.

The announcement couched the news as step one in a broader partnership between Red Hat and Oracle, but provided details mostly of the OCI integration. RHEL will be available on Oracle’s VMs, ranging in size from 1 to 80 CPU cores and from 1GB of memory up to 1024GB. Initial support will be limited to the newer OCI virtual machine shapes, which use AMD, Intel and Arm processors.

The idea is to provide an opportunity for customers who have workloads running on RHEL to move those into Oracle’s cloud. The ability for users to standardize on OCI, given the popularity of RHEL for a wide array of enterprise workloads, could prove valuable to Oracle’s push to make its cloud more competitive with the larger hyperscalers.