With its acquisition of Rancher, SUSE has made it clear to Red Hat and the rest of the Kubernetes world that it intends to be a container orchestration power.

SUSE, a major Linux and cloud company, finalized its acquisition of Rancher Labs earlier this year. Rancher, formerly a privately held open-source company, had over 37,000 active users and 100-million downloads of its flagship Kubernetes management program, Rancher

SUSE is putting Red Hat and other Kubernetes powerhouse companies on notice that they mean to be a Kubernetes giant as well. 

Why? Because the Rancher program is a market-leading complete Kubernetes software stack. This stack can handle the operational and security challenges of managing multiple Kubernetes clusters across almost any infrastructure. Specifically, it supports any Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF)-certified Kubernetes distribution. This includes Google GKE, Amazon EKS, and Microsoft AKS.