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TrueNAS SCALE is a powerful, open-source operating system specifically built for enterprise-level data storage and management. Powered by Debian Linux and the innovative ZFS file system, it offers advanced features such as snapshotting, replication, and data compression to make sure that your organization’s most critical information is always secured in the best way possible.

TrueNAS SCALE is the perfect fit for companies and organizations that need to store, manage, and distribute large volumes of data across different devices. Plus, its web interface provides an easy-to-use platform allowing you to quickly configure the storage system from anywhere in a few simple steps! Built by iXsystems – a top provider of enterprise storage solutions – TrueNAS SCALE ensures secure access with maximum scalability.

After successful deployment in December, TrueNAS SCALE Bluefin 22.12.1 is now available to help manage files, blocks, objects, and applications with ease!

The link for this article located at UbuntuPit is no longer available.