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Operating system (OS) technology is constantly evolving. From laptops to mobile phones, the OS is like the heart of all computing technology.

Ubuntu, which was first launched in 2004 is considered one of the best open-source OS alternatives to Windows or Mac today. Canonical, the company that publishes Ubuntu, has consistently made the software secure, reliable, and user-friendly. With benefits like instant customisation and smooth performance, Ubuntu's free availability makes it a favourite OS worldwide. Now, building on Ubuntu's wide-reaching popularity, Canonical is introducing Ubuntu Pro. 

Ubuntu Pro is a comprehensive subscription for security, maintenance and compliance. The subscription helps teams get timely patches for common vulnerabilities and exposures (CVE), harden their systems at sc,ale and remain compliant with regimes such as FedRAMP, HIPAA and PCI-DSS. Ubuntu Pro will offer an excellent 10-year security coverage that not only covers the operating system but over 23,000 applications, such as Ansible, Apache Tomcat, Apache Zookeeper, Docker, Drupal, Nagios, Node.js, phpMyAdmin, Puppet, PowerDNS, Python 2, Redis, Rust, WordPress, and others. This means all your security woes come to an end with Ubuntu Pro.