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Web Hosting Firms Key To Success For SSL Providers


... despite the paramount importance of SSL certificates, hosting companies have had few options when it comes to purchasing them. Until late 2001, Web hosts typically had two main choices: VeriSign or Thawte. With the entrance of 2002, however, the battle to secure the Web servers of hosting companies, their clients and other large-scale enterprises finally seems to be heating up.. . .

Linux zlib security flaw could affect numerous programs


A warning about the security flaw identified Monday in the zlib compression/decompression library affecting Linux systems (see story) has been broadened to include Windows and any other other operating systems that use the zlib code. In an update about the flaw on their Web site, the authors of the zlib library said they have learned that the code is used in far more programs than they originally believed.. . .

Open-source flaw threatens MS code


A security flaw in open-source software used by Linux and Unix systems for compression may affect some Microsoft products that also use the code. As reported earlier this week by CNET, a flaw in the zlib software-compression library could . . .