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Myth of storage security savaged


Storage security will become an "imperative" this year as the adoption of Internet technologies undermines the comforting notion that storage networks are safe from hacker attacks. In an analysis of storage security, the Yankee Group concludes that security will become an . . .

Scando: Poke, Prod, and Secure Your Web Apps (Solaris)


Web application security firm KaVaDo beefed up its line of products on Tuesday when it announced a new vulnerability-assessment tool for Web applications called ScanDo. ScanDo approaches and probes Web applications the same way that an attacker would. In doing so, . . .

SmoothWall Encrypted Password Hash World Read Vulnerability


Update: Project founder responds below. "SmoothWall does not use shadowed passwords in their firewall implementation. While this is not inherently dangerous as firewall systems are not designed as multi-user, an unauthorized user gaining access to the system via exploitation . . .