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The Big *BSD Interview


This isn't a security article, but you will find it interesting. "Matt Dillon, not the famous actor but the kernel/VM FreeBSD hacker also well known for writting the Dice C compiler for the Amiga, is here with us today for . . .

IBM clamps down on wireless security


IBM is expected to launch on Monday new services and software aimed at making wireless networks and communications more secure and widely used, the company said Sunday. IBM, based in Armonk, N.Y., said it put together a broad-based offering by its services division, Global Services, that helps companies assess, plan and implement ways to make their wireless applications and transactions more secure.. . .

MS Security Plan: OK, Kind Of


Microsoft's newest security initiative is drawing jeers and a few cheers from industry experts. Many experts said Microsoft's Strategic Security Protection Program plan announced Wednesday is nothing more than a half-hearted attempt to assuage increasing demands from government, industry and consumers . . .