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Guardian Digital Unveils Corporate Support and Services


Guardian Digital, Inc., sponsors of LinuxSecurity, today unveiled Guardian Digital Secure Network, a central location for receiving product information, support, and system software services. "New Commerce Services and Systems Management Solution Delivers Secure and Affordable System Support.". . .

Microsoft admits IE security alert lapse


Fuel for those following the full disclosure vs. no-disclosure debate started by Microsoft recently. "Microsoft has admitted that it knew about a security hole in Internet Explorer (IE) a full week before it accused a security firm of acting irresponsibly for publicly disclosing details of the exploit.. . .

New Linux tool boosts security


A small Australian company has released a Linux-based security tool it hopes will help speed corporate acceptance of the open-source operating system. InterSect Alliance has developed the first security auditing system for Linux, beating much larger organizations to the punch. . . .