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Microsoft stands by IIS despite Gartner recommendation


Microsoft says its Internet Information Server (IIS) is as secure as comparable products from other vendors. This follows a Gartner recommendation that enterprises hit by both the "Nimda" and "Code Red" worms look at alternatives. According to the advisory from Gartner . . .

CrunchBox firewall by Captain Crunch


John Draper - The CrunchBox itself is a very proactive device and can be programmed to satisfy any company's security policy. It can also be programmed to do some pretty nasty things, should you want it to.

Tool copies hackers to detect flaws


New online tool uses AI to mimic hackers, but some experts question how effective it can really be. UK firm ProCheckUp has developed an online tool to expose network security flaws by using artificial intelligence (AI) to mimic the actions of a hacker. However, experts question how successful the software will be at detecting security holes.. . .