Linux admins and infosec pros,

Are you looking to start or advance your career in cybersecurity? With cyber threats evolving in sophistication, the cybersecurity talent required to combat them has never been in greater demand.

Today, I share how cybersecurity education can help you start or advance your career in cybersecurity. You'll gain valuable insights into career possibilities and why there has never been a better time to embrace this critical field.

The security benefits of open-source development and how advanced secure coding practices can improve Linux web app security are also topics we explore this week. 

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Charting the Course of Cybersecurity Education for Linux Admins


Linux administrators and infosec professionals face rising cyber threats in today's interconnected digital world. As open-source platforms gain more importance, securing them becomes mission-critical for organizations worldwide. We explore the advantages of cybersecurity education and explain how it can transform the careers of Linux admins, infosec professionals, and open-source developers. Gain insights into cybersecurity aspects, job outlook, career possibilities, and why to embrace this exciting field. 

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Open Source is Not Insecure, Despite Common Misconceptions

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A common misconception is that open-source software is less secure than proprietary software. To help dispel this myth, we'll highlight the benefits of open-source software in terms of security and show that the trust placed in the open-source community is well-founded. Currently, ninety percent of known exploited vulnerabilities are found in proprietary software, even though around 97% of all software is open-source. It's time to debunk the myth that open-source development is less secure than proprietary development!

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Enhancing Security in Linux Web Applications with Advanced Secure Coding Practices


Cybersecurity is not static; it's a game of continuous evolution. As web applications burgeon, so too do the threats against them. Within Linux environments, where flexibility and open-source attributes are prized, secure coding practices, Linux devs can stand on vigilant watch against these proliferating dangers. We'll explore how developers and system administrators can effectively anticipate attacks and shield their digital fortresses. The journey starts with recognizing that superior armor is crafted through knowledge of one's adversary and skillful application of defense strategies. Let's solidify your Linux stronghold against unwarranted data extraction and cyber intrusion.

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