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Today’s newsletter highlights our two most recent feature articles: IoT Security Vulnerabilities are Ubiquitous: How To Secure Your Router and Your Linux System Now and The Ultimate Guide to Using Data Encryption on Linux. We also examine various topics including MozWire - a third-party open-source tool available on Github that brings Mozilla VPN to Linux and Mac, using tcpdump to troubleshoot and debug your network and how to use Seccomp to harden Docker containers. Happy Monday - and happy reading!

IoT Security Vulnerabilities are Ubiquitous: How To Secure Your Router and Your Linux System Now - The Internet of Things (IoT) is rapidly growing, connecting more devices each day. It is projected that by 2025, the world will have an astounding 64 billion IoT devices .

The Ultimate Guide to Using Data Encryption on Linux - Data encryption has never been more important. New data protection and privacy regulations, such as GDPR, mean that companies storing unencrypted customer information are vulnerable to paying heavy fines. The public is now more aware of the importance of encryption, with massive data breaches impacting companies like Facebook receiving major media coverage.

  This surprise Linux malware warning shows that hackers are changing their targets (Aug 17)

Drovorub - yet another strain of malware targeting Linux systems - is being used by malicious Russian hackers to spy on users, steal files and hijack devices. 

  Pen-Testers of the World Rejoice, Kali Linux 2020.3 Is Here (Aug 20)

Pen-testers of the world rejoice! Kali Linux 2020.3 has been released, bringing a host of new features and tools to the popular digital forensics and pentesting distro.

  Parrot OS 4.10 Released, Now Officially Supports Lightweight Xfce Desktop (Aug 18)

Parrot OS 4.10 has been released with important updates, improvements and bug fixes - including mitigations for recent BootHole vulnerabilities. 

  FritzFrog malware attacks Linux servers over SSH to mine Monero (Aug 19)

A recently-discovered fileless malware variant - dubbed FritzFrog - has breaching Linux servers to mine Monero for at least eight months.

  This Open-Source Tool Enables Mozilla VPN on Linux (Aug 21)

Mozilla officially announced its very own VPN service earlier this year, and the company is still working on the official clients for Linux and Mac. In the meantime MozWire - a third-party tool that brings Mozilla VPN to Linux and Mac - is available on GitHub as an open-source project.

  Lucifer cryptomining DDoS malware now targets Linux systems (Aug 20)

Lucifer - a hybrid DDoS cryptomining botnet notorious for hijacking vulnerable Windows devices - is now also scanning for and infecting Linux systems.

  SELinux changes for KVM-separated (Kata) containers (Aug 19)

Learn about SELinux types that improve container security in engines such as Podman and CRI-O.