Most of us know Linux works great on older systems, but how do we ensure we keep these legacy systems secure? Technology moves quickly, and keeping pace with the latest technological advances is not always realistic, especially for smaller companies.

Luckily, Linux provides various security advantages for older systems. This week, we explore these advantages and share simple tips for modernizing and protecting your Linux systems.

Best practices for WordPress site security on Linux webservers and IaC security scanning are also topics we explore this week. 

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Closing the Security Gap: Navigating Modern Technology and Outdated Systems in Linux Security

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Most businesses understand the need for cybersecurity. However, many of those same companies still rely on outdated systems, making it hard to ensure the security they know they need. Technology moves quickly, so it’s easy to fall behind the latest innovations, especially when facing budgetary constraints. As understandable a problem as it might be, legacy IT poses a host of security issues. Thankfully, modernization through Linux security is possible. We examine how modernization through Linux security can help close the security gap and offer practical advice to help you navigate modern technology and outdated systems and ensure security in your Linux environment.

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Best Practices for WordPress Site Security on Linux Webservers

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WordPress-powered websites have plenty to worry about when it comes to maintaining security. They must guard against known and unknown vulnerabilities in WordPress, manage a host of third-party plugins, and remain vigilant against configuration errors that hackers could use against them. The good news is that some well-established best practices can help them do that, which we'll discuss in depth to help you secure your WordPress-powered websites.

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IaC Security Scanning: Ensuring Security in the Open-Source Environment

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IaC, or infrastructure as code, is great for managing and provisioning infrastructure at a massive scale. Implementing IaC has advantages that significantly increase the service's characteristics and efficiency. However, as well as its enormous value, IaC has certain security drawbacks, like the spreading of simple security issues on all the files or vulnerability to data exposure, which could greatly affect the security of an open-source environment. The good news is that these drawbacks can be equalized by IaC security scanning. We examine the importance of IaC security and explain how IAC security scanning can help secure your open-source environment.

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