Happy Monday fellow Linux geeks and Open Source enthusiasts! In this week's newsletter we offer advice on how you can improve PHP security to protect your web server and web applications from attacks and compromise, share our top tips for securing your Linux system in 2022, and provide the information you need to know to protect against the critical Log4j vulnerabilities. PHP security is inextricably tied to web server security-are you running PHP securely?

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A Linux Admin's Getting Started Guide to Improving PHP Security 

Learn how you can configure and run PHP securely to mitigate the risk of attacks and compromise, secure web applications, protect user privacy and maintain a secure and properly functioning Linux web server.
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Top Tips For Securing Your Linux System

Here’s what you need to know to secure your Linux system against malware, rootkits and other dangerous attacks.

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Log4j: Everything You Need To Know

The critical Log4j vulnerabilities that have dominated recent infosec news could be the most serious security threat ever seen, according to the CISA. Here's what you need to know to protect against these dangerous flaws.
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