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- Russian cyber criminals were able to hack the DNC despite its security defenses and very high level of intelligence. Small and medium sized businesses are at a much greater risk of experiencing an email-related attack. Is your company prepared?

Guardian Digital Outlines Top 4 Benefits of Choosing Cloud - Cloud technology and Linux-based cloud services are becoming increasingly popular due to the various benefits they offer in regard to security, efficiency, flexibility and convenience.

  (Jul 25)

People tend to play fast and loose with security terminology. However, it's important to get your malware classifications straight because knowing how various types of malware spread is vital to containing and removing them.

  Supplier Error Leaks Decade of Data from Carmakers (Jul 23)

A security error by a third-party supplier has left over 100 manufacturing firms including several big-name carmakers red-faced after sensitive documents were exposed.

  Has GDPR Impacted Insider Threats? (Jul 22)

According to new research from Clearswift, the introduction of GDPR has led to a slight drop in insider threats in both the UK and Germany. Survey respondents said that insider threats make up 65% of reported incidents in 2018, compared to 73% last year.

  ICO hacked: Hackers steal $8 million from KICKICO Blockchain network (Jul 28)

Another day, another ICO hacked. This time, KICKICO, an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) project that lets users conduct ICOs, pre-ICOs, crowdfunding and crowdinvesting campaigns have suffered a security breach and as a result, hackers have stolen more than 70 million KickCoins which is around $7.7 million.

  (Jul 27)

Keep your company protected with a mix of old- and new-school technologies.

  DHS Officials: Hundreds of US Utility Victims Infiltrated by Russian Hackers (Jul 25)

The US Department of Homeland Security, which earlier this year warned of Russian nation-state hacking teams targeting energy and other critical infrastructure organizations, in a briefing this week provided more details on the attack campaign.

  (Jul 24)

Securing the endpoint is the biggest concern for respondents to a new SANS Institute paper on the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), with patching a persistent challenge.

  Virginian Bank Robbed Twice in Eight Months (Jul 26)

The perils of phishing emails and cyber-insurance were laid bare this week after news emerged of an American bank that fell victim to hackers twice within eight months and is suing its provider for failing to cover the losses.

  (Jul 22)

A new report, Attention All Passengers: Airport Networks Are Putting Your Devices & Cloud Apps at Severe Risk, released by Coronet found that some of America's airports are cyber-insecure.

  (Jul 24)

Less than 40% of organizations in the US, UK, and Singapore have vetted all of their external suppliers in the past 12 months, according to a new survey, and most organizations worldwide have been victims of a software supply chain attack.

  (Jul 27)

A new form of cryptocurrency-mining malware is targeting corporate networks across the world, employing a combination of PowerShell and EternalBlue to stealthily spread.

  Campaign's Election Data Exposed in Virginia (Jul 23)

A Virginia-based political campaign and robocalling company Robocent left hundreds of thousands of voter records on a public, exposed and unprotected Amazon S3 bucket. This year has already seen a lineup of attempted attacks on local elections and campaigns, but this news comes less than a week after the indictment of 12 Russian officials for meddling in the 2016 US presidential election.