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Top Six Advantages of Open Source Development/Products According to Guardian Digital - Open source programs and solutions offer many advantages over proprietary alternatives including better quality, higher levels of security, superior flexibility, lower costs and a thriving community surrounding open source development.

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Open Redis Servers Infected with Malware (Jun 1)

After scanning 72,000 publicly available Redis (REmote DIctionary Server) servers with attack keys garnered through honeypot traffic, Imperva today reported that 75% of the publicly available Redis servers were hosting the attacks registered in the honeypot.

(Jun 1)

Queen's University Belfast is hailing a new £500,000 facility which will help academics and industry partners carry out testing and advanced research.

Privacy International Launches GDPR Probe into Data Companies (May 28)

Privacy International has launched a new investigation into a swathe of shadowy data companies to see if they comply with the new EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which came into force today.

(May 29)

It's the time of the year where everyone makes predictions for the following year. But rather than focus on predictions, I'd like to zero in on long-term trends that will have a broad, far-reaching impact.

FBI to all router users: Reboot now to neuter Russia's VPNFilter malware (May 29)

The FBI is urging small businesses and households to immediately reboot routers following Cisco's report that 500,000 infected devices could be destroyed with a single command.

Clear Linux Exploring Support For Windows WSL (May 28)

As potentially a big game changer for those needing performant Linux access from a Windows 10 / Windows Server installation, Intel's Clear Linux will be exploring support for running on Microsoft's Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL).

Security alert: FBI warns of password-stealing North Korean malware (May 30)

US authorities have provided more details of two pieces of malware which, they said, are used by North Korean hackers to infiltrate computer systems and steal passwords and other data.

Dozens of Vulnerabilities Discovered in DoD's Enterprise Travel System (May 31)

White-hat hackers participating in a US Department of Defense bug bounty initiative recently rooted out 65 unique security vulnerabilities in the Defense Travel System (DTS), an enterprise application used by millions of DoD workers worldwide.

Two Canadian Banks Warn Customers of Possible Breach (May 31)

Two Canadian banks confirmed on Monday that they have been contacted by ‘fraudsters' claiming to have in their possession personal and financial information on tens of thousands of customers.

(May 27)

New data laws coming into force are being used by scammers to steal personal information, police have warned.

One in Three HCOs Hit by Cyber-Attack (May 27)

More than one in three healthcare providers have suffered a cyber-attack over the past year, with 10% paying a ransom or other extortion-related fee, according to Imperva.

Spear-Phisher Gets Five Years for Helping FSB Yahoo Hackers (May 30)

A Canadian man has been handed down a five-year prison sentence for his part in a Russian government conspiracy which resulted in the compromise of 500 million Yahoo accounts.