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How SQL / NoSQL Databases Enable Blockchain Applications to Become GDPR Compliant - Blockchain, being a decentralized & dis-intermediated data store, is being considered for rapid adoption, in several industries like Supply Chain Management, P2P Global Transactions, Internet of Things, Electoral Voting, Stock Exchanges etc...

Email Security FAQs Answered by Guardian Digital - With email-related attacks becoming increasingly prevalent and serious, effectively securing your email accounts is more important than ever before.

  Girl Scouts Alerted to Possible Data Breach (Oct 29)

Thousands of members of the Girl Scouts in California may have had their personal information stolen after one of its official email accounts was accessed by an unauthorized third party last month.

  GDPR Alert as Average ICO Fines Double in a Year (Oct 30)

The value of fines issued by the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) has increased 24% in the year to September 30 versus the previous year, according to new data.

  (Oct 28)

IBM isn't a stranger to Linux by any stretch, but it might just become one of the platform's strongest supporters in the near future -- and shake up the cloud landscape, for that matter. IBM has announced a deal to buy Linux giant and open source enterprise software developer Red Hat for the equivalent value of $34 billion.

  (Oct 28)

Paras Jha, Mirai botnet's co-author, was sentenced today to six months of home incarceration and ordered today to pay $8.6 million in restitution for the damages caused by his malware-powered Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) network.

  (Oct 29)

Following the discovery of multiple explosive packages sent to former US presidents Clinton and Obama, some top Democratic figures, as well as a number of Trump critics during last week, the U.S. Secret Service also detailed its role in fighting cybercrime during the "Inside the Business of Cybercrime" forum.

  (Nov 1)

A security bug in Systemd can be exploited over the network to, at best, potentially crash a vulnerable Linux machine, or, at worst, execute malicious code on the box.

  Post-breach, Cathay Pacific hit by group action by UK law firm (Oct 30)

Fresh from launching a £500 million group action against British Airways after a serious security breach, UK law firm SPG Law has wasted no time responding to the announcement last week of a hack at Cathay Pacific which saw the personal data of 9.4 million Cathay Pacific passengers breached.

  (Nov 1)

Data breaches are commonplace now and there's a growing realization that organizations need to do more to combat them and to deal with the aftermath. The potential cost of stolen data extends beyond cleanup operations to potential regulatory fines and reputational damage.

  Feds: Chinese spies orchestrated massive hack that stole aviation secrets (Oct 31)

Federal prosecutors on Tuesday unsealed charges that accused two Chinese government intelligence officers and eight alleged co-conspirators of conducting sustained computer intrusions into 13 companies in an attempt to steal designs for a turbofan engine used in commercial jetliners.

  (Oct 31)

If data breaches were a film genre, third-party cyber-risk would be the talk of producers and casting agents; it's where the money is. Like a relentless killer who cannot seem to be destroyed, third-party breach scenarios dominate the headlines.

  (Nov 2)

Some of the most potent forms of ransomware of 2018 are being offered for sale in a cut-price bundle deal on the dark web that also contains one of the most dangerous forms of file-encrypting malware to terrorise organisations this year.

  (Nov 2)

Austal has revealed a data breach and extortion attempt but insists the company has no intention of bowing to such demands.