Are you thinking about migrating your website to Joomla 4 or PHP 8 but want to know more about the process, important considerations, and advice for a smooth migration? If so, you'll want to read about our experience migrating to Joomla 4 and PHP 8 and the lessons we learned. As Content Editor, I'm here to provide you with a recap of our experience, including our suggestions for a smooth, successful migration. We aim to equip you with the insights and confidence required for a seamless and easy migration.

Linux proxy servers and tips to beat the Linux threat landscape are also topics we cover this week.

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Brittany Signature 150 Esm W150 Migrates to Joomla 4 and PHP 8: Our Experience & Key Takeaways

13.Lock StylizedMotherboard Esm W350 has been using the open-source Joomla content management system (CMS) and PHP scripting language for nearly three decades and recently completed a migration to the latest versions, Joomla 4 and PHP 8, to take advantage of new features and optimizations to provide visitors with an enhanced user experience. We’ve decided to pull back the curtain on our experience with the migration to Joomla 4 and PHP 8 to provide users who are planning to migrate their websites with insight into the lessons we learned.

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Everything You Need to Know About Linux Proxy Servers

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Linux proxy servers are essential for individuals and organizations looking to enhance their online privacy, security, and browsing experience. In this comprehensive article, we will explore the concept of proxy servers, discuss the advantages of using a Linux proxy server, dive into the risks associated with their usage, highlight Squid as an efficient and user-friendly Linux proxy server, and provide step-by-step instructions on how to set up the Squid proxy server on Linux. Additionally, we will cover setting up the HTTP proxy on Linux. Let’s get started!

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Supercharging Linux: Tips & Tricks to Beat the Threat Landscape

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Do you love Linux because of its user-friendly, exceptionally secure, heavy-duty, and open-source, making it easy to customize and maintain? If so, you’re not alone. The downside is that attacks on Linux are steadily rising as cybercriminals have come to recognize the OS as an increasingly viable attack target. Let’s examine how secure you are as a Linux user and tips and tricks you can implement today to beat the threats targeting your systems.

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