Smudges on your Android touchscreen could give away your password

    Date13 Aug 2010
    Posted ByAlex
    We all know how annoying fingerprints on touchscreens can be, but now researchers believe they can actually leave your mobile phone susceptible to hacking. University of Pennsylvania researchers tested the Google Nexus One and HTC G1, both of which use a graphical password system to unlock the phone that works by swiping a set pattern on the touchscreen.

    Unlocking your phone in this way leaves oily residues on the screen that can remain even if you wipe it. "Latent smudges may be usable to infer recently and frequently touched areas of the screen -- a form of information leakage," warns the article.

    Using standard cameras and lights, researchers took pictures of the touchscreens and analysed the images with simple photo-editing software available on most home computers.

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