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    Debian: cyrus-sasl arbitrary code execution fix

    Date 14 Oct 2004
    Posted By LinuxSecurity Advisories
    This advisory is an addition to DSA 563-1 and 563-2 which weren't ableto supersede the library on sparc and arm due to a different versionnumber for them in the stable archive.
    Debian Security Advisory DSA 563-3                     This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.                             Martin Schulze
    October 14th, 2004             
    Package        : cyrus-sasl
    Vulnerability  : unsanitised input
    Problem-Type   : local
    Debian-specific: no
    CVE ID         : CAN-2004-0884
    Debian Bug     : 275498
    This advisory is an addition to DSA 563-1 and 563-2 which weren't able
    to supersede the library on sparc and arm due to a different version
    number for them in the stable archive.  Other architectures were
    updated properly.  Another problem was reported in connection with
    sendmail, though, which should be fixed with this update as well.
    For the stable distribution (woody) this problem has been fixed in
    version 1.5.27-3.1woody5.
    For reference the advisory text follows:
      A vulnerability has been discovered in the Cyrus implementation of
      the SASL library, the Simple Authentication and Security Layer, a
      method for adding authentication support to connection-based
      protocols.  The library honors the environment variable SASL_PATH
      blindly, which allows a local user to link against a malicious
      library to run arbitrary code with the privileges of a setuid or
      setgid application.
      For the unstable distribution (sid) this problem has been fixed in
      version 1.5.28-6.2 of cyrus-sasl and in version 2.1.19-1.3 of
    We recommend that you upgrade your libsasl packages.
    Upgrade Instructions
    wget url
            will fetch the file for you
    dpkg -i file.deb
            will install the referenced file.
    If you are using the apt-get package manager, use the line for
    sources.list as given below:
    apt-get update
            will update the internal database
    apt-get upgrade
            will install corrected packages
    You may use an automated update by adding the resources from the
    footer to the proper configuration.
    Debian GNU/Linux 3.0 alias woody
      Source archives:
          Size/MD5 checksum:      715 cdce985e2ba692a11997a311d656511d
          Size/MD5 checksum:    40625 ae2eeaa949464a5dd01a4e52183476b2
          Size/MD5 checksum:   528252 76ea426e2e2da3b8d2e3a43af5488f3b
      Alpha architecture:
          Size/MD5 checksum:    76224 f90bf340c1af2cc6e784b86b9a3e6225
          Size/MD5 checksum:    19096 ea4dfe8c7a234b694fab1520fc7b591f
          Size/MD5 checksum:    14948 13dd74ae0ccea40bcb318020f347bfc3
          Size/MD5 checksum:   172500 e2ae41a1297a905fda5413bfa1480358
          Size/MD5 checksum:    13414 0aca9803f883f2851a7e95e7fe16a6a5
      ARM architecture:
          Size/MD5 checksum:    70164 b04b21e09ae3f4b37d8cafacf35e5b96
          Size/MD5 checksum:    15034 56f66723aa826cec0b60c4b69634741d
          Size/MD5 checksum:    12452 1ca90c2ef0e47722b9203b916a07865a
          Size/MD5 checksum:   166076 230b02c4b07e68e764aec818d911ea30
          Size/MD5 checksum:    10852 fa3611896617bb8b2bc6265fe60860cd
      Intel IA-32 architecture:
          Size/MD5 checksum:    65282 fe8d68f5699c2dd6328f5d6fb41de5d4
          Size/MD5 checksum:    13298 23a049e4a683d11d6c92612770842188
          Size/MD5 checksum:    11754 ee44568f4553c8b6806d493df239cd99
          Size/MD5 checksum:   163072 200b522a92855b1572f5d53309cb0bfd
          Size/MD5 checksum:    11074 83ea7692d1fed99516ea2f08ae73e3ce
      Intel IA-64 architecture:
          Size/MD5 checksum:    83806 e8f27c46ef888331580e59008cd4f533
          Size/MD5 checksum:    23258 c4df4204fb933e8ce4bbe10ce1e3d846
          Size/MD5 checksum:    19968 26b57ac5df155751a966984ec539af31
          Size/MD5 checksum:   181160 ed31278983fd1a3e8e3e191ce32cd8d9
          Size/MD5 checksum:    14238 eacda3d67cfc61955c26f5fe863fd108
      HP Precision architecture:
          Size/MD5 checksum:    75324 2388e3c7f5ba71d78f03546aaba947ec
          Size/MD5 checksum:    18280 742d3d2fe02e89788c16f83f5b8b9d54
          Size/MD5 checksum:    15472 d42224aa421bfeac9f69ab04113bee8f
          Size/MD5 checksum:   171404 e4142d2e1c09d03bd0a9f5ffe68f8398
          Size/MD5 checksum:    11898 b3ff997a5f5491eadde89a7c59aa04c9
      Motorola 680x0 architecture:
          Size/MD5 checksum:    64732 01ae04bd3b1d07159fdaeb64e7776166
          Size/MD5 checksum:    13100 3d333541bf051b2a21cfcc3f35970bed
          Size/MD5 checksum:    11816 0a75c3fd4adf34744717645c9ce221ee
          Size/MD5 checksum:   163014 5993adc4d530c757ce78c1008ed660a1
          Size/MD5 checksum:    10914 aa2847845ee8c2e5915ebc1dbb4c9f63
      Big endian MIPS architecture:
          Size/MD5 checksum:    72966 39493c455b3479b68251442b18795c10
          Size/MD5 checksum:    15952 8029feb6a73d7226587d8b0ebeec5609
          Size/MD5 checksum:    13356 9c77752f52b1c6c83c682f1a2151e5b1
          Size/MD5 checksum:   165986 87080a2d4162278375cd06846b855016
          Size/MD5 checksum:    11328 fbab396a82f75e54229b9b98384bc28f
      Little endian MIPS architecture:
          Size/MD5 checksum:    72958 1009be2e56d8220fb89308a0e82a6390
          Size/MD5 checksum:    16264 6251983b36ffa717324636f08cb5364d
          Size/MD5 checksum:    13294 35084b2fa187ea16f1eb38cd27104ac9
          Size/MD5 checksum:   166084 e52f619b46efa2e23bf052fffdd180fe
          Size/MD5 checksum:    11276 91ffc4127fa188554c85874d62bba324
      PowerPC architecture:
          Size/MD5 checksum:    70908 f15b7029f4a773fa36c940a6e14bccd0
          Size/MD5 checksum:    16078 7d8717e5e283fc74b36a35469c689b61
          Size/MD5 checksum:    13466 784762c96e5c81f0c6965f747c3bf6a7
          Size/MD5 checksum:   166736 b7842830fa2ca08c414cfc952ba020e1
          Size/MD5 checksum:    11008 6cee75d3d3c3a6c27bd67382a206933b
      IBM S/390 architecture:
          Size/MD5 checksum:    67032 cf1ba87e9c3afa4316463531213f150a
          Size/MD5 checksum:    14412 0091427ab3484061f6fc1410fdae417d
          Size/MD5 checksum:    12398 09305abf4c88d12d13e24c5d9f84982c
          Size/MD5 checksum:   165576 980aef7a0f1ce2f7f3cf6defce90066c
          Size/MD5 checksum:    11624 2cb2cf59611128ac6f9c87127f262f51
      Sun Sparc architecture:
          Size/MD5 checksum:    68230 d4f0f5168cabe10572b5a6a8e9bf99e9
          Size/MD5 checksum:    14804 2a2a5b233f29cc93863dc979cb8f0d33
          Size/MD5 checksum:    11904 c25a7179e95f0d446dfaec535ca851c1
          Size/MD5 checksum:   165040 ee69d095b42b9ee2c0b693ac697833ca
          Size/MD5 checksum:    13558 3b8b78d3d43bbf35a9945bed06a5f3e0
      These files will probably be moved into the stable distribution on
      its next update.
    For apt-get: deb stable/updates main
    For dpkg-ftp: dists/stable/updates/main
    Mailing list: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
    Package info: `apt-cache show ' and


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