At the RealWorld Linux Expo in Toronto, Guardian Digital launched the next generation of the Community edition of our EnGarde Secure Linux. Users familiar with the history of Linux have become accustomed to its stability, versatility, and scalability. Now, with EnGarde Secure Linux, Guardian Digital has added unsurpassed security and useability. EnGarde Secure Linux is a comprehensive solution that provides all the tools necessary to build a complete online presence, including DNS, Web, and e-mail services. EnGarde reduces the time and resources required to create a secure online presence.


Award-winning secure operating system combines ease of management with security as a primary focus.

RealWorld Linux Expo, TORONTO-- April 28, 2003 -- Guardian Digital, Inc., the world's premier open source security company, today announced the next generation of the award-winning EnGarde Secure Linux Community Edition. Leveraging the best open source applications available, combined with the security expertise from Guardian Digital, EnGarde is a comprehensive platform for developing a secure Internet presence.

EnGarde features secure web-based management of all functions, including Internet edge services, integrated intrusion detection, cryptography, improved authentication and access control, as well as protection from many forms of intrusion such as buffer overruns and denial of service attacks.

"The Internet is increasingly becoming a hostile environment," writes Peter O'Hara, vice president of engineering at Guardian Digital. "Guardian Digital's community-based distribution provides a secure and easy to manage platform suitable for those interested in evaluating Guardian Digital's enterprise products, students, security enthusiasts, and developers requiring a secure Internet infrastructure."

"Security is a complex process, and crackers will always find the weakest link to exploit vulnerabilities in your systems," writes Brian Hatch, author of the best-seller 'Hacking Linux Exposed' and Chief Hacker at security consultancy Onsight, Inc. "EnGarde provides the advanced security foundation necessary to thwart attacks, coupled with outstanding management tools to simplify its complexity and prevent misconfiguration that could lead to compromise."

EnGarde Community Edition features the Guardian Digital WebTool, a web-based interface used to securely manage network and server operations. EnGarde Community Edition features include:

  • Simple and secure web-based management.
  • Web-based Web, DNS, and email system management.
  • Integrated network and host intrusion detection using Snort and Tripwire.
  • Guardian Digital Secure Network to provide easy access to security and system updates.
  • Mandatory Access Control (MAC) using the Linux Intrusion Detection System to provide sophisticated access control and prevent Trojan horse attacks.
  • Latest cryptography tools including OpenSSH and OpenSSL, plus built-in web-based key management.
  • Hardened kernel and user tools providing highly resilient protection from intruders.
  • Gateway firewalling using stateful packet inspection.
  • Security Control Center to monitor system activity.
  • Upgraded core components including Linux kernel 2.4.20, iptables-1.2.7a, and development tool chain.

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Additionally, a network of cutting-edge security tools are available including snort-2.0, firewall tools, FreeS/WAN 2.0, and more.

Pricing and Availability

EnGarde Community Edition is now available for download from / and includes a free 30-day subscription to the Guardian Digital Secure Network to obtain system and security updates. An annual subscription to the GDSN is available for $229 per year and includes thirty days of email installation and configuration support.

About Guardian Digital, Inc.

Guardian Digital, the premier open source security company, offers the first secure, open source Internet infrastructure system. Based on Guardian Digital's operating system platform, EnGarde, the company provides enterprises with the software and services necessary for secure computing on the Internet. By leveraging the merits of the collaborative open source design model, coupled with the company's security and Internet expertise, Guardian Digital solutions maintain the highest degree of security and reliability. Founded in 1999, Guardian Digital is headquartered in Allendale, New Jersey. For additional information, please visit Guardian Digital Makes Email Safe For Business - Microsoft 365, Goo.... or call 1-866-GD-LINUX.