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Human Body and Server

In this article I would like to describe how care for a human body is similar to a server. It is a globally accepted fact that everything is interrelated to each other in this world in one way or the other. Let me try to prove it in the case of a human body and a human built server.

0.1 Introduction

In this article I would like to describe how a human body is similar to a server. It is a globally accepted fact that everything is interrelated to each other in this world in one way or another. Let me try to prove it in the case of a human body and a human built server.

0.2 How is a Human Body Similar to a Server?

Being hacked is similar to getting affected by some diseases. Let us take the example of a human body being affected by some viral fever.

Why/when do you get affected by a viral fever?

It happens mainly when

1) Body loses its immunity to fight Germs

2) Through unhealthy Surroundings


This is the same in the case of the servers. A server gets Hacked due to similar reasons like:-

1) Lack of security measures

2) Interacting with already Hacked Servers

0.3 Whats Human Health and Server health?

An individual is said to be healthy when he is free from diseases.

A server is said to be healthy when its safe from hackers and provide optimum performance.

0.4 Whats Human Immunity and Server Immunity?

Human Immunity is the ability of the body to fight Germs and keep the body healthy.

Server Immunity is the ability of the Server to fight against hackers and keep the servers safe and secured.

0.5 How do we increase the immunity of the Human body and Server ?

To increase the Human Body Immunity, the person or the individual should keep his body healthy by :-

1) Consuming good foods

2) Taking care of his body by planned exercises/workouts.

3) Without straining his body much.

4) Conducting regular Body checkup with the advice of a good Doctor


When it comes to Server Immunity, we should follow the given below options to keep them healthy.

1) Do not overload server.

2) Implement server security measures.

3) Install only secured software.

4) Conducting regular server audits by security experts.

0.6 How to know if a Human body or Server is affected? Symptoms?

It is very simple to determine if a human body or a server is affected. First let us take the case of a human body

1) The body will start to show unusual behavior.

2) High fever with high temperature.

3) Symptoms of other diseases also will start appearing.


When it comes to the case of servers, then :-

1) Server uptime will reduces.

2) Server starts showing unusual behavior.

3) Load of the server will start to climb high.

0.7 What are the actions to be taken when we come to know that human body or server is affected?

Once we realise that a human body is affected with some kind of disease, then it's always better to consult a good doctor rather than assuming the diseases and taking medicines our own.

Always try to diagnose the disease and then take the medicines for it.

Simply said,

1) Consult with a doctor first

2) Have a doctor diagnose the disease and prescribe medicine.


When it comes to server it's always better to have a security expert check your server because he is expert in the field like a doctor. His advice is similar to a doctor's prescriptions.

1) Have your Server checked and audited by a security expert periodically.

2) Implement his advice which is equivalent to a doctor's prescription

0.8 What Steps or measures that should be taken to prevent such things in future?

It's simple. Let's take the Human Body first

1) Keep the body healthy by eating good food containing high quantity of vitamins.

2) Do regular exercise and workouts.

3) Do regular body checkup like once in a month or two.


And in the case of Servers,

1) Avoid over-loading the Servers

2) Should not install 3rd party software without consulting your security administrator.

3) With the help of a security admin implement security measures.

4) Conduct regular audit and fix the bugs found in the audit.

0.9 Conclusion

In the concluding stage, I hope my effort to bring in the similarity of Human Body and a Server was successful. The main aim for me to write this article was to create an awareness that Servers are similar to Human Body. We should take care of servers like we take care of our body. They are not just machines. They too have soul and body!!!


`` ...They are not just machines , they too have soul and body like us....''

The link for this article located at Blessen is no longer available. 


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