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Regardless of the Linux distribution you’re using, staying on top of the latest security advisories is essential in maintaining an updated, secure Linux system.

Threat actors primarily focus on known security bugs in their attacks, as exploiting these flaws is relatively easy compared to zero-day vulnerabilities for which no patches are available. By tracking the security advisories issued by your distro, you can apply updates as soon as they become available to mitigate the serious risk that known vulnerabilities pose to the security and integrity of your system.

LinuxSecurity makes staying informed of the latest updates simple and convenient by tracking security advisories for 13 popular distros and offering the ability to create a user profile and customize your advisories based on the distro(s) you use. In addition to providing a comprehensive, strategic way for admins to ensure that they receive the updates and guidance they need to keep their systems secure, LinuxSecurity offers extensive training and documentation to help them troubleshoot issues and expand their skill set.

How To Customize Your Advisories:

Register as a LinuxSecurity user here.


Customize your User Profile to include your avatar, a short bio, links to your social media profiles and the LinuxSecurity newsletters you would like to subscribe to (all optional). When finished, click “Register”.

Step2This will bring you to your User Dashboard. Select the “Edit Profile” button in the upper righthand corner of the page.


Under “Personal Information”, check the boxes next to the distro(s) that you would like to track advisories for.


Click “Submit” to save the changes you have made.


Now that you have customized your advisors, you will be able to view this information at-a-glance from your User Dashboard.

Subscribe to our weekly Linux Advisory Watch Newsletter to be informed via email when your distro(s) has released an update for a vulnerable program or application highlighted in that week’s newsletter. 

If you haven’t registered as a LinuxSecurity user and customized your advisories, what are you waiting for? Do yourself a favor and make your life as a Linux admin easier- and more secure!

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