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Predator-OS - "the OS that naturally preys on others"- is a free and open-source security-centric project for penetration testing and ethical hacking that can also be used as a privacy-focued, hardened Linux distro. LinuxSecurity researchers spoke with Founder and lead developer Hossein Seilany to get insight into the unique features and benefits that newly released Predator-OS 20.04 LTS offers hackers, pentesters and privacy-conscious Linux users.

Predator-OS was established in 2021 and is maintained by Hossein Seilany. It is a free open-source community project, Free (as in freedom). The project just recently announced the release of Predator-OS 20.04 LTS. Predator-OS is well-suited for penetration testing and ethical hacking and also provides a secure, anonymized Linux OS. Predator Linux is based on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS Mini, kernel 5.10 LTS, and uses a fully customized xfce4 lightweight desktop with a special menu of tools.

PredatorOSPredator Linux has around 1300 pre-installed tools which are split into 40 categories. These tools are imported from both Debian and Ubuntu repositories and the GitHub page. Most kernel and user configs are customized by default to prevent hacking, non-privileged access, and to reduce the attack surface. A wide array of built-in firewalls and defensive tools provide end-users with granular control over the OS. The distro can be run as Live-CD or from a USB Drive and installation mode.

Operates in 9 Different Modes

Predator-OS has nine different modes and operates in the following modes for easy and faster access to all tools: defensive, offensive, privacy, hardened, secured, settings, and pentesting modes. Users can switch between these modes quickly and easily.

 The Predator-OS distribution has its own unique features and benefits including:

  • Easy installation and extensive hardware support
  • Lightweight with a user-friendly interface
  • Includes all features and tools of popular secure Linux distros - and more!
  • Offers the ability to run Windows tools on Linux
  • Users have the option of either booting live or installing

You can view a full list of the distro’s features predator-os downloads.

Predator-OS At-A-Glance

  •       OS Type: Linux
  •       Based on: Ubuntu Mini 20.04 LTS
  •       Kernel: 5.10 LTS
  •       Architecture: armhf, i686, PowerPC, ppc64el, s390x, x86_64
  •       Desktop: Xfce
  •       Other Desktop: as soon as possible: KDE plasma, mate
  •       Category: penetration testing, security, privacy, Forensics, Live Medium, hardened, anonymized

Click>predator-os downloads to download Predator-OS on your system. 

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