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Welcome to LinuxSecurity.com - the community's central source for information on Linux and open source security since 1996. Whether you’re a new visitor or a long-time community member, this article will provide you with insight into the mission behind our site, our history and the content we provide.

Who We Are & What We Provide

LinuxSecurity.com has served as the community's go-to resource for information on Linux and open source security for over two-and-a-half decades. We follow the latest open source security news, trends and advisories as they affect the community, and produce content that appeals to administrators, developers, home users, and security professionals.

Having created a site that satisfies the needs of both IT professionals and those individuals seeking to learn more about security and Open Source, LinuxSecurity.com has grown to encompass not only this website but also two industry leading email newsletters, Linux Security Week and Linux Advisory Watch, which represent yet another opportunity to help further the advocacy and adoption of Linux by users worldwide.

Just recently both the LinuxSecurity site and newsletters underwent a major redesign. We now offer the ability to create a user profile and customize your advisories based on the distro(s) you use.

LinuxSecurity.com is owned and maintained by Guardian Digital. As a proud member of and contributor to the Linux community, Guardian Digital devotes the LinuxSecurity.com advertising revenues to covering the costs of maintaining the site to ensure access to LinuxSecurity.com will always be freely available to everyone.

Our History

LinuxSecurity.com was first launched in 1996 by a handful of Open Source enthusiasts and security experts who recognized a void in the availability of accurate and insightful news relating to open source security issues. Led by Dave Wreski, who currently serves as chief executive officer of Guardian Digital, this group has grown into a global network of collaborators who devote their time to gathering and publicizing the latest security news, advisories and reports relevant to the Linux community. The LinuxSecurity.com editorial and web development staff also creates feature articles, commentaries and surveys designed to keep readers informed of the latest Linux advancements and to promote the general growth and adoption of Linux worldwide.

As Dave founded LinuxSecurity.com and established the site as the Linux community’s central resource for security news, updates and information, he was simultaneously contributing to the foundation of the Linux community at a time when it was just getting started with his work on the revolutionary Linux Security HOWTO, a comprehensive overview of the security issues that Linux system administrators face, which also covers general security philosophy and a number of specific examples of how to improve the security of a Linux system. Dave reflects on the mission of LinuxSecurity.com, “I founded LinuxSecurity.com to serve as the authoritative voice of Linux and Open Source security news with content driven by the security needs expressed by this vibrant, up-and-coming community. Over two decades later, LinuxSecurity.com still strives to provide objective, helpful information and thought leadership content about security as it relates to the rapidly growing, revolutionary open-source product that Linux is.”

Let’s Get In Touch!

Community involvement is one of our core values, and we love to hear from LinuxSecurity community members. If you have a question, suggestion, or feedback, send us an email here: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. If you would like to contribute to the site, send us articles, links, resources, and so forth to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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