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Why Is Tracking Advisories Critical for Robust Security?

Security vulnerabilities are a favorite among malicious actors, as exploiting these bugs is relatively easy compared to zero-day vulnerabilities for which no patches are available. By tracking the security advisories issued by your distro, you can apply updates as soon as they become available to mitigate the risk that known vulnerabilities pose to the security of your systems.

Is Rocky Linux Secure?

Rocky Linux has earned the reputation of being a secure, stable distro suitable for the enterprise. The recent release of Rocky Linux 9 has introduced several notable security features:

  • Since the cryptographic hash functions generated by SHA-1 are no longer regarded as secure, the use of SHA-1 message digests for cryptographic purposes has been discouraged.
  • OpenSSL has significant enhancements in version 3.0.1, including support for additional protocols, formats, algorithms, and more. Other changes include a provider concept, a new versioning system, an enhanced HTTP(S) client, and more.
  • The most significant change in OpenSSH 8.7p1 is the substitution of the SFTP protocol for the SCP/RCP protocol, which provides more predictable filename processing.
  • Major improvements have been made to SELinux speed, memory overhead, load time, and other factors. 

It is safe to say thay Rocky Linux will remain secure into the future given that it heavily relies on released security package updates from RHEL.

Why Should Be Your Go-To Resource for Tracking Advisories makes staying informed of the latest updates available for the open-source programs and applications you use daily simple and convenient by tracking the latest security advisories for 15 popular distros and offering the ability to create a user profile and customize your advisories based on the distro(s) you use. We’ve recently begun tracking advisories for Oracle Linux and Rocky Linux, as these two popular distros have emerged as excellent alternatives to CentOS Linux 8, which reached end of life earlier this year and is no longer supported.

By subscribing to our weekly Linux Advisory Watch Newsletter, you’ll be informed via email when your distro(s) has released an update for a vulnerable program or application highlighted in that week’s newsletter.  

In addition to providing a comprehensive, strategic way for admins to ensure that they receive the updates and guidance they need to keep their systems secure, offers extensive training and documentation to help them troubleshoot issues and expand their skill set. Be sure to check out our recent Official Guide on Rocky Linux & How To Install It to learn about the pros and cons of Rocky Linux, how it compares to CentOS, and how to install Rocky Linux.

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