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If you're hosting a Samba server, it's important that you pay extra attention to securing the server from adversaries.

SMB (Server Message Block) protocol is a cornerstone of file and printer sharing in connected environments. However, the default configuration of Samba can pose significant security risks, leaving your network vulnerable to unauthorized access and cyberattacks. 

If you're hosting a Samba server, you need to be extra cautious with the configurations you have set in place. Here are 10 critical steps to ensure your SMB server remains secure and protected.

By default, SMB traffic is not encrypted. You can verify this by capturing network packets with tcpdump or Wireshark. It is paramount that you encrypt all traffic to prevent an attacker from intercepting and analyzing the traffic.

It's recommended that you set up Transport Layer Security (TLS) to encrypt and secure your Linux Samba server's traffic.