How to Install and Run Ghidra on Linux


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How to Install and Run Ghidra on Linux

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Ghidra is one of the most popular reverse engineering frameworks for security professionals. Here's how to install it on Linux.

Kick-start your journey to be a master reverser with the tools and analytical prowess of Ghidra SRE. Here's a guide on how to install and set up Ghidra on your Linux machine.

Created by the NSA, Ghidra is an open-source, cross-platform, sophisticated software reverse engineering framework that offers military-grade tools for analyzing and reversing software binaries. With Ghidra, you can reverse engineer or, decompile a software binary and study the source code underneath.

It is often the go-to framework in the trade of malware analysis and reverse engineering, closely competing with IDA, a software reverse engineering framework of similar stature.

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