Transfer Files Between Any Devices With Piping Server 1170x780

Piping Server is a free web service used to share data between devices over HTTP/HTTPS. Learn how to use Piping Server to securely transfer files - both from the command line and via a web browser - in this OSTechnix guide.


This guide teaches you how to easily and securely transfer files between any devices using Piping Server from command line and via a web browser. You can transfer any kind of data infinitely with Piping Server. It could be a directory, a text file, an audio, video, or anything. Also, It doesn't matter which OS or device you're using. Sharing files with Piping Server is quite easy and straight forward.

Piping Server is a free web service used to share any data between any devices over HTTP/HTTPS. The data can be transferred either from the Terminal using curl program or via a web UI. No sign-up or registration required! You don't even need to install any extra software. All you need is either curl command line program or a modern web browser, which are pre-installed in most operating systems.