Tigera’s Open Source Calico Selected to Address Kubernetes Network ...


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Tigera’s Open Source Calico Selected to Address Kubernetes Network Policy in RKE 2 Clusters

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Tigera, a leader in Kubernetes security and observability, has announced that Kubernetes management market leader SUSE has chosen to add open source Calico container network interface (CNI) plugin as an option to Rancher Kubernetes Engine (RKE) 2, enabling consistent Kubernetes network policy definition and enforcement. “Users will benefit from simplified, consistent, networking, security and observability across our Kubernetes platforms with one technology that addresses their needs.”

Calico provides highly scalable, high-performance and resource-efficient Kubernetes networking and security that works across multi-cloud and hybrid environments with support for multiple data planes, such as eBPF, Linux and Windows.

“Now users get a single solution for Kubernetes networking and security and the option to add advanced full-stack security and observability functionality that many enterprises want in their Kubernetes deployments,” said Amit Gupta, vice president of product management of Tigera.

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