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With the threat of security breaches continually on the rise, it's time to take your operating system seriously -- and Linux is your best friend in this never-ending battle.
I've been espousing this hot take on Linux for a very long time. It seems, however, that the phrase "there's no time like the present" is more apropos today than it has ever been.

Threats to security and privacy seem to never abate. They are constant and they grow more widespread and effective with every passing attack. Bad actors are savvy and know the best ways to hit you. One of the reasons for this threat is because, most likely, you use Windows as your primary desktop and laptop operating system.

Before you start to get upset, this isn't another one of those articles that trashes Windows as a launching point. I'm not going to tell you how awful Microsoft Windows is. I'm not even going to mention how easy it is for ne'er-do-wells to use your operating system against you for the purpose of either stealing or ransoming your data.