1.Penguin Landscape

Oliver Smith at Canonical who serves as the Product Manager for Ubuntu Desktop published a post on "charting a course for the future" of the Ubuntu desktop. "His post notes though how the desktop is evolving with a greater focus on security, a rapid transition of user data and enterprise management to the cloud, cloud desktops, more experimental technologies like embedded AI, and augmented or virtual reality productivity environments coming about."

With Ubuntu 23.10 being released in two months, ahead of the big Ubuntu 24.04 Long-Term Support cycle, Olver Smith noted how internally at Canonical they've been working on their goals and vision for the Ubuntu desktop experience over the next few years. He also shared some interesting highlights from their perspective that the Ubuntu desktop has more than six million active users (just counting desktop reach), that Ubuntu desktop is said to be the far most popular distribution for developers based on a Stack Overflow survey, and that the Ubuntu desktop is the most used desktop Linux distribution for gaming based on Valve's Steam Survey numbers.


The link for this article located at Phoronix is no longer available.